Useful things to consider when working online or via telephone


If you could ensure that you are able to find a private space where you will not be disturbed when we are having our session. You may need to negotiate with others in your household or find a place outside of the house (maybe the car if you have one). This will also mean that adequate supervision will need to be in place for any members of your household who you would normally provide care for or have responsibility for during our session. If this is not a possibility we may have to re-consider whether working in this way is appropriate.


In the event that we lose connection due to technological difficulties I will always attempt to re-establish the connection. If this proves impossible I try another means of connecting, either phone or email in order to continue or re-arrange the session.

Sessions from home

Meeting from home may feel informal. It can be really helpful to the counselling process if you consider the following steps:

Turn off other devices you are not using for the session (TV, computer or phone) and please put away other activities as this will also minimise These steps will help to minimise any distractions.

Find yourself a space where you are able to sit comfortably for the length of the session. If working via video-call it is preferable if you are able to use the device you are using hands free. This will mean that you remain clearly visible without needing to make adjustments as this again can be distracting.

I would encourage you to give yourself some time both before and after our sessions to make the transaction from the session back into engaging in everyday activities.